Friday, June 08, 2007

Tribute to a Coalition Partner ~ Belgium

Tribute to a Coalition Partner~

Belgium is a small European country, slightly larger than the state of Massachusetts.

Belgium is an ally in the Great War on Terror.

Belgium currently has contributed forces to Kosovo Force (KFOR), Democratic Republic of Congo, Laos/Cambodia (Demining operations), Caribbean (Anti-drug operations), and Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, they are providing a protection force and airfield support at Kabul Airport, a force at the Provincial Reconstruction Team Konduz, and headquarters personnel at HQ ISAF.

Belgium Air Force C-130's have transported humanitarian aid to Afghanistan including 90 metric tons of UNIMIX for the starving children of Afghanistan in December 2001, as well as 250,000 vaccinations for the children. They also transported food for the children of Iraq through 2003.

We thank you for your stand in the War on Terror.

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De'on Miller said...

Great info. Thanks, FG, and thank you, Belgium!