Sunday, September 02, 2007

Anonymous was here.....

Yesterday, we went off on a day trip - really had a great time and saw some amazing things!! I had planned to share our travels with you, until this came up.

When I got home, I found that our gutless friend ANONYMOUS had pooped all over my blog, commenting on several old posts. While attempting to show me that I was wrong and stupid, it revealed itself to be shallow, thoughtless, inconsistent in thought, rather ignorant at even correctly relating the standard talking points and totally unaware of the belief system it says it ascribes to.

1. It's contention is that the Democrat party is Pro-Victory. Obviously written by someone who has NO idea who these people are: Harry Reid, Al Gore, John Kerry, John Murtha, John Edwards, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton... need I go on? Additionally, the Democrat party - national and local branches, are organizing and anti-war counter rally to the Move America Forward Pro-Victory tour which starts this week. Yep, that sounds Pro-Victory.

2. Did you know that 'Bush' (FYI, it is President Bush) has been creating Jihadists? - I guess he is using his underground bunker to do this. No one creates a Jihadist - it is a belief system based on a perversion of Islam.

3. It wanted me to know that I 'despise democrats'. This was news to me. I obviously respect them more that it does as I capitalize the 'D' when I write the name - if I ever do, which is quite rare. I do not care enough about them to despise them. I don't respect many individuals who belong to the party. I don't respect the platform of nanny state realities. I don't respect most politicians at all. But, despise - that takes far more emotion that I am willing to give to them.

4. One of my favorites - my posts 'stir hatred and contempt'. Would those posts be the tributes to the fallen or the good news about our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan?

5. Then, it attacked my friend Sgt Vaughn and his editorial. It totally missed the point of the post and since it took exactly 1 minute to read it, I wonder how that happened? Then, it started typing incoherently and comes up with some bizarre conclusions.

6. But, it was humorous as well.... "Please can we all remember that Democrats are also loyal Americans." Since I never said they weren't, the paranoia takes over and truly stupid things get written. I think that a great many Americans are far too selfish and self-absorbed to be loyal to much of anything - their family, their marriage, their children, their jobs, let alone their country. But, I have not cast the term to anyone on this blog.

7. The saga ends with, "Shouldn't we be focusing aggression (anger and hatred if it makes you feel better) against our enemies?" Yes, we should. Maybe you could talk to our 'friends' in government about trying to do that. And, for the record, the only 'anger and hatred' that has been expressed is yours.

ANONYMOUS - you are an idiot... a coward... without substance to your angry typings, and not terribly capable of reading comprehension. Most of all, you are not welcome here. If you want to comment SIGN YOUR NAME - if you are not proud enough to sign it, then maybe it isn't worth saying.


Sarge Charlie said...

Anonymous is obviously a "Yellow Bellied Sapsucker" people that can not look you in the eye and explain why we disagree, a low life swamp scum, I get these folks now and then and do as you did, expose them for what they are.

Anonymous said...

Those anonymous-types sure get around. Oh well, I guess cowardice comes in many forms. Thankfully, we still have men and women who go forward in spite of it and keep this nation free.

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!!!!!

Ron Simpson said...

I normally delete anonymous postings that are in this vein. I allow them if they are cogent and well written and lacking of vitriol

Flag Gazer said...

"Andy" came to call and left a rather rambling critique of my blog and my readers. The only relevant thing he said was,
"its your blog and you can do as you like."

Bye, Andy...

Unknown said...
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Flag Gazer said...

Andy of Wyoming -
Small minds leave small comments. You let me know how small you were the first visit, you did not need to prove it on the second.