Friday, September 28, 2007

The Passing of a Hero ~ Marcel Marceau

Marcel Marceau
March 22, 1923 ~ September 22, 2007

Marcel Marceau is known to most of the world as a wonderful mime - which he was.
He brought us joy and laughter.

What most people don't know about him is about his role in WWII. He was born Marcel Mangel, son of a Jewish kosher butcher. His father was arrested by the Vichy government and taken to Auschwitz and died there. Marcel and his brother, Alain, joined the French resistance. When the Resistance decided to move the Jewish children who had been hidden in a Paris orphanage, to allow them to escape from France, they called upon Marcel to help them. He was able to make the children feel at ease and appear on holiday in order to take them by train to Switzerland. He spoke English and later became a liaison officer with General Patton's forces.

Many Jewish children survived WWII because of Marcel Marceau.

Rest in Peace.


Sarge Charlie said...

Rest in Peace.

Anonymous said...

You always do such nice tributes! Thank you for that!!

Ron Simpson said...

Let's have a moment of silence, while alking against the wind or feeling hte insides of an imaginary box.
I did not know he fought agianst the Nazis. Good for him. Thanks for letting us know that as well as a great entertainer, he was a hero as well.