Friday, September 07, 2007

Patriot Walker - Walking Across America to Honor the Fallen

Damion Maynard left the from the steps of the Nevada Capitol building in Carson City on December 17, 2006. Damion is walking across America. He carries a flag, a piece of rope, a sleeping bag and a log book.

Damion is walking because "...I don't see enough support for the men and women who have given their lives to keep our country free. I wanted to show my gratitude, to show them that someone cares about what they lived and died for. So I chose a mile per fallen Soldier because they deserve that much, their families deserve that much."

Damion arrived at Fort Campbell on August 1. He had walked 1,372 miles, and he's not stopping until he walks a mile for every Soldier killed in action.

"I want others to realize our military means everything, they don't just keep our country free, they keep others free, too," he said with tears streaming down his face. "These men and women provide care to Iraq and they show what it is to be American."

Damion usually walks along the wide shoulders of the Interstates. He says he has lots of stories to share about his encounters with people and a lot of military personnel. I hope he writes a book!


Anonymous said...

What a great guy with a terrific mission. If only there would be a few more Damiens in our world!!

The WatchCat said...


Off topic: A USAF Captain has gone missing in Portland, and Portland news isn't giving the situation much coverage. Can you help spread the word, particularly to other Oregon bloggers? My post with links to updates is at


The WatchCat said...

Oops, it got cut off. The last portion is:


Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

Damien makes me feel proud and I am a foreignor. A noble gesture.