Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September Eleventh ~ Six Years Later

Some pictures will be engraved permantly in the collective memory of those who observed the events of September Eleventh. These same pictures will eventually make their way into history books and movies. People will be asked if they remember September Eleventh - where they were - what they thought. For many, they will let it fade into distant recesses, while others will struggle to keep it in the forefront of the reality of the world they live in. There are those that were personally touched by loss and injury that day who will forever grieve. For most of us, we were touched by the attack on the American Spirit. We have fought back and tried to move forward, building a stronger American Spirit. Some seem to be waiting for defeat. Each of us should go back to that day to remember how we felt and we should learn the stories of those who died and those who survived.

Last year's Tribute on September Eleventh:

Story from Stephanie L Hoehne about her day in the Pentagon:

Tributes to Major Dwayne Williams - lost at the Pentagon:

I remember Major Dwayne Williams

Memorials to Major Dwayne Williams

The Family of Major Dwayne Williams

Memories from the friends of Major Dwayne Williams

Visiting the grave of Major Dwayne Williams

This year I am paying tribute to Angelene C Carter who lost her life in the Pentagon.


Anonymous said...

I remember 9/11...the Fire Fighters!

Juliness said...

What lovely words! Both of your tributes made me teary.

These individuals lived remarkably 'ordinary' lives, yet their loss is still felt today.

That they are even now remembered and missed is indeed the 'measure of a man' or woman.

Anonymous said...

It is so important that we do remember each and every one of them - I honor the daughter of old friends - Heather Lee Smith - a passenger on Flight 11.

Sarge Charlie said...

I will never forget, I will never waiver, I will never quit.