Saturday, December 09, 2006

Canadian Troops Support Fisher House

Fisher House
Landstuhl, Germany

Fisher House has homes on the grounds of the major military and VA medical centers where families can stay while a loved one is in the facility for treatment. This is one of the two Fisher Houses in Landstuhl, Germany.

Canadian Master Cpl Paul Franklin, a medic, lost both of his legs to a suicide bomber in Kandahar, Afghanistan earlier this year. His wife, Audra, and family were housed at the Fisher House while Paul was undergoing treatment at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. "Their support is invaluable. Without it, our son Simon couldn't have been close to his father after he was injured," Audra said.

Audra Franklin organized a fundraiser for Fisher House with a gala in Edmonton. Her efforts allowed Canadian troops to donate a record $120,000 to the Landstuhl Fisher Houses. The donation is a record.

Additionally, Canada presented Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Staff with one of its highest unit awards - the Canadian Forces' Unit Commendation. This is the first time this award has been given to an allied unit. The Commendation is awarded to a military unit that has "performed a deed or activity considered beyond the demand of normal duty."


Fight The Good Fight! said...

That's great to hear about them, I have not heard of them before.
I will be getting involved with the San Diego VA sometime.

Bravery is at the heart of Military personel. Honor and rewards are deserving of them.

Have you ever checked out my Canadian comrade in the FTGF at-


Flag Gazer said...

This is the link for fisher House in San Diego. Blogger kept eating my links, but if you go to, and select the location map, you can see all of their facilities.

I'm off to see the link you have posted.

jbrookins said...

Nice to see.

Fight The Good Fight! said...

Oh yeah, I know about the NMCSD, I happended to post about it along with the SD VA; of which I will be getting involved with.

I didn't realize they had in-house accommodations, thanks!

(The link still worked)

Free Cyprus is a great coamrade in the WOT, he has daily updates, news articles and photos of Canadian and American forces. I see ya went there, Great! I met him awhile ago and is a great blogger buddy.
Though I took a hiatus from blogging, I can't stay away!