Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembering Angelene C. Carter

On a bright and beautiful late summer morning, Angelene and her husband, Fred Carter, drove to the Suitland Metro station. They took the same train across the Anacostia River, then went their separate ways. It was the last time Fred would see Angelene. Later that morning, Angelene was on the phone with one of her daughters in Belgium, when the line went dead. No one would ever talk to Angelene again.

Angelene C Carter was born February 6, 1950. She grew up in Peachland, North Carolina. She took accounting classes at night to earn her degree. For 26 years, she was a devoted employee of the government, spending the last eight years in the Pentagon as a staff accountant for the Department of the Army. She died on that bright and beautiful morning of September 11, 2001, when a plane slammed into the Pentagon in an act of terrorism.

Angelene met her husband, Fred, at a Christmas Party. She asked him to dance. They were married two years later. She collected shot glasses from all of the places that she and Fred visited, though she did not drink. She was a member of the St Paul Baptist Church in Capitol Heights, Maryland - a member of the Adult Usher Board and various Bible Study Groups.

"She was an 'ordinary' person whose God-given vision and mission was to accomplish 'extraordinary' goals in life. Her philosophy on life was validated every day by her quiet character and conduct, by insuring that her work assignments and performance supported the level of services and expectations of her superiors and professional peers. She exhibited outstanding strength and leadership, which served as an example to her family, co-workers, church and friends." (DOD Release)

Angelene is survived by her loving husband, Fred A Carter (retired Army Sergeant); her mother Leona D Cash; two daughters, Angenette Cash and Freddye Jean Carter; three step-daughters, Venus Scott, Victoria Carter, and Cheryl Carter; two sisters, Linda C Reid and Deloise C Thorne; and two brothers Claude and Donnie Cash.

Angelene Carter is buried in the Arlingtion National Cemetery near the Pentagon Memorial.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute written with such feeling.

I've remembered Jean D Roger.

Kache said...

Wonderful tribute to Angelene, thank you for remembering her.


Faina's Tribute

Ron Simpson said...

I wonder if her husband will be able to be laid to rest besider her in Arlington. I hope so.

Mary said...

Thank you for sharing Angelene's story, a precious life lost.

The human toll of 9/11 is overwhelming.

Flag Gazer said...

Ron, my understnad is that he will be buried next to her.

Melissa Markham said...

A fantastic tribute! Thanks for helping to keep alive the memories of those we lost.

Unknown said...

A beautiful tribute!

freddyejeancarter said...

Thanks so much everyone for remembering and nt forgetting my mother Angelene and all of those others precious lives that were lost..I miss you mom and I see Im not alone ..See u soon mom!

Flag Gazer said...

Your mother's story inspired me and it was such an honor to write about her. I promise, we will always remember!