Tuesday, November 21, 2006

4ID Iraq Memorial ~ Fort Hood, Texas

4ID Memorial

The top picture is the Sculpture installed at the Fort Hood Memorial.
The bottom picture is the Sculpture in Saddam's palace in Tikrit, Iraq.

This sculpture has made the email rounds numerous times, along with a beautifully written, though fictitious story. The real story is truly beautiful, too.

The 4ID was deployed in Iraq during most of 2003, part of Task Force Iron Horse. They were there for the fall of Saddam's dictatorship, they were there for the capture of Saddam Hussein, and they faced many losses and injuries during that time.

Command Sergeant Major Charles Fuss wanted to commemorate the unit's fallen. They found a local artist, Khalid Alussey (Kalat) to cast the statue. He had been an artist in the commissioned employment of Saddam Hussein. In July 2003, two large statues of Saddam on horseback were taken down and the bronze was recycled for Khalid Alussey to make the statue the 4ID had commissioned. Task Force Ironhorse Soldiers donated the $18,000 to cover the cost of the statue. Army 1st SGT Glen Simpson posed for the picture used to create the statue.

The statue depicts a kneeling soldier before the boots, rifle, helmet and dogtags of his fallen comrade. With him stands a young Iraqi girl - reaching out to touch the soldier.

The statue arrived at Fort Hood on February 16, 2004. The 4th Infantry Division has raised most of the cost of the larger memorial project.

"The entire project will be an esthetic whole, a seamless tribute to those who sacrificed everything to bring democracy to Iraq and security to America."

To see the Fort Hood Memorial, go to their website at http://4idforthood.org/fallen.html


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Charlotte said...

I love the pictures. My daughter is stationed at Ft. Hood... but deployed to Iraq til 2007 October.