Friday, November 24, 2006

How Did You Spend Thanksgiving?

Aaron Tippen
Spent His in Afghanistan!

"Those are the real working men and women, and if I can repay even an ounce of what they are doing for me, my family and my country by taking their minds off of the day-to-day risks... well, I can't think of a better thing to do with my time," Aaron Tippen said. "They have been fighting for the rights we take for granted every day, and I want to make sure they know we're thankful."

To date, Tippen has performed for more than 500,000 military personnel either overseas or at home.

Thank you, Mr. Tippen, for taking care of the best among us!

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Frank Staheli said...

Aaron Tippen is awesome.

I spent my last thanksgiving in Ramadi, Iraq. KBR tried to make it a home away from home with a wonderful buffet of all the things we take for granted--turkey, ham, dressing, pumpkin pie, and much more. It was an excellent lunch, and then off to hunt for IEDs!