Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veterans Day Tribute

The Eleventh Hour,
The Eleventh Day,
The Eleventh Month

The eleventh hour, the eleventh day, the eleventh month - the day the Armistice was signed in the war to end all wars, World War I.

Today, we set it aside as the time to thank and to honor all Veterans who served honorably in the military - in wartime or in peacetime. It is a time to acknowledge their service to our national security, that all those who served have sacrificed and have done their duty.

Please be sure to thank a veteran today. They are around you - your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends. They are young and they are old. They were Airmen, Soldiers, Marines, Seamen or Coast Guardsmen. They are male and female. They come from every state in the union. They even come from other countries. They are the people who have stood watch and kept us safe and free. They have always been there for us. We can never thank them too many times.

Today, we have young men and women stationed around the globe - doing jobs that secure our country and our freedoms. Think of them, too - today's veterans.

We thank you. We honor you for your service. May God Bless you all.

For a beautiful tribute, please go here.

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Mike@CoptheTruth said...

Happy Vets Day, brother! be safe out there!