Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam Hussein Sentenced to Death

Last night, I sat up and anxiously waited for the verdict in the Saddam trial. This was the first instance of a tyrant and dictator being tried in his own country for his crimes against it. Before, these vile men have been taken to a place in Europe, tried in a language other than their own, and kept separate from the people whose lives they destroyed. But, the Iraqis stood up and held their own trial against Saddam and others for the crimes in Dujail.

In the wee hours of the morning, we kept waiting for the verdicts, but nothing was happening. Then, we learned that Ramsey Clark was having an altercation with the chief judge, and was thrown out of the courtroom. Finally, the verdicts began to be reported - one was released since the prosecution did not have enough evidence, three were given 15 years, three were sentenced to death for hanging. At long last, Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death for one of the many chapters in his tyranny.

A fine report of the verdict and sentencing comes from Mohammed and Omar Fadhil, of Iraq The Model. Here are a few excerpts:

"I was overwhelmed with joy and relief as I watched the criminals being read their verdicts. For the first time in our region tyrants are being punished for their crimes through a court of law.

"Right now volleys of bullets ring not far from where I sit, some are fired to express joy while others are fired in a desperate expression of denial but I have no doubt who is going to prevail. Although the road is long but we are walking forward and will not look back.

"I salute the honorable special tribunal that challenged threats and risks and insisted on keeping up the work until the end, and today it brought back the pride of this land that wrote the world's first laws.

"I salute the witnesses who risked their lives to reveal the truth and expose the crimes of the dictator.

"I salute the brave men and women of the coalition who came to this land and made this day possible.

"Congratulations to all my Iraqi brothers and sisters on this glorious day."

To read all of their comments, go to Pajamas Media


yankeemom said...

A good day indeed, in spite of Ramsey spit Clark!

Frank Staheli said...

It's ironic that Mr. Clark, an American, was trying to deprive the Iraqi people of their exercise of due process of law.