Friday, November 10, 2006

National Museum of the Marine Corps

These pictures show the new National Museum of the Marine Corps under construction. It will be a lasting tribute to U. S. Marines -- past, present and future. Situated on a 135-acre site adjacent to the Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia, the museum's soaring design evokes the image of the flag raisers of Iwo Jima and beckons visitors to its 100,000 square foot structure. World-class, interactive exhibits unsing the most innovative technology will surround visitors with irreplaceable artifacts and immerse them in the sights and sounds of Marines in action. The Museum will be dedicated on November 10, 2006, the Marine Corps 231 Birthday.

Last month, while we were touring Virginia, we were disappointed that we were too early for the opening of the Museum, which opens to the public on November 13, 2006. But, we hoped to catch a glimpse. A friend of ours said, "don't worry, you can't miss it!" Driving up the interstate it towers above you, like a bright, shining beacon of freedom and security!

It will contain the history of the Marine Corps, including the work of Marine Corps Artist Michael D Fay. (Click on his name to see some of his amazing work!)

To learn more about the museum and to see some of the amazing displays, visit the website.

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