Friday, November 03, 2006

On Behalf of a Grateful Nation ~ Sgt Michael Seeley

SGT Michael T. Seeley
Age 27, Died October 30, 2006,

Baghdad, Iraq

2nd Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment,

2nd Brigade Combat Team,

4th Infantry Division,

Fort Hood, Texas

Sgt. Michael T Seeley was from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. He was a "citizen of North America", having dual citizenship in the United States and Canada. He was Mi'kmaq, one of the Aboriginal Tribes of North America, who have a long-standing tradition of First Nations people crossing the border to join the U. S. military. His rank was Corporal, but he was promoted to Sergeant in recognition of his dedication and hard work during two tours of duty in Iraq.

Seeley served in the Canadian Forces for almost two years before switching to the U. S. Marines. "The Marines are supposed to be the best. He figures he was the best and that's where he was going," his uncle said. He served with the Marines on his first tour of duty to Iraq, and in Japan, South America, and Africa in his four years. He enjoyed his experience in Iraq and was anxious to return. Upon his discharge from the Marines, he joined the U. S. Army and returned to Iraq last October. He was due to return to the U. S. on Saturday, but an IED prevented that.

His mother said he never questioned the war or his service in it. "He fully believed in it (the war). He fully believed that people were being hurt who shouldn't be hurt and it was their job to protect them. He believed Saddam Hussein had to be stopped and that's what he did."

"He knew the risks. He knew his job was dangerous. He always preached to me, 'Be ready if it does happen. If it doesn't, that's great, but be ready,' he would say to his family." He his survived by his mother, Theresa, his father, Lorne and five siblings.

Chief Terry Nelson of the Roseau River First Nation, an Ojibway, said the American military is more attractive than the Canadian Forces. "The U. S. army treats you a lot better. They're better equipped. In the States, you're well trained, and the spirit is different."

I am so proud of Mike," Berry Ann Lavallee, chief of the New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council, said. "Like so many young aboriginal men and women, Seeley volunteered to serve without regard for what he was being asked to do."

Information from the Edmonton Sun and the Canoe Network.

Rest now, fallen comrade,

For I bear honor upon your sacred place.

Rest now, fallen comrade,

For I stand castling freedom

Upon your resting place.

Fight no more, fallen comrade,

For I am here to see we are free.

For I will stand, fallen comrade,

Having full knowledge my dress and

Actions reflect on those that surround me,

For I represent a nation

And the state in which I serve.

So rest now, fallen comrade,

For I will bear honor upon this

Sacred place you now honor.

Sergeant Christopher Adams,
Maryland National Guard, Honor Guard

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Anonymous said...

As a Canadian I am PROUD of HIM and HIS SERVICE. As a mother of a soldier in the US ARMY I am PROUD of your son and all who serve.
We pray for all the fallen and all those who still remain and serve.
Thanks also to all the families who support their soldiers and cheer them on, not all get support from their families.
God Bless the Canadian and US Troops! THANK YOU!! BRENDA