Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Flags from Iraq to America

Flags from Iraq to America
Your Chance to Own a Flag Flown in Iraq
Spc. Michael Tyree of the 73rd Cavalry Regiment's 1st Squadron lowers an American Flag flying over his unit's headquarters in Northern Iraq. Spc. Fabian Acosta catches the flag as it lowers.

An American flag blows in the wind in Northern Iraq. After the flag is lowered by a paratrooper from 1st Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment, it will become available to purchase through the units Family Readiness Group.

NORTHERN IRAQ (Army News Service, March 19, 2007) - Since paratroopers of the 73rd Cavalry Regiment's 1st Squadron set foot in Iraq, they've raised and lowered a new flag every hour on the hour. Each flag has then become available for purchase through the unit's Family Readiness Group.

"(The) flags are flying with pride in many homes," said Christopher S. Italiano from Columbus, Ohio, friend and brother-in-law to Lt. Col. Ross Davidson, commander, 1st Sqdn., 73rd Cav. Regmt.

"The 1-73 Cav will forever be honored as symbols of the country's strength and belief in democracy."

Soldiers, family members and friends have purchased the flags as gifts or to show off their patriotism.

Troop A First Sgt. Robert Ochsner bought one for a friend whose son is in special forces, and another for his father, who is in the Patriot Guard - a group of motorcyclists that provides security at fallen Soldiers' memorials - and flies his flag whenever they ride, said Ochsner.

"I was stunned by the total reverence I felt when I received the flag, the certificate and the thank you note," said Jayme Parker, a resident of Cypress, Calif., who is Davidson's cousin. "I cannot describe the feeling I had when I touched the flag. I gave a moment of silence and said a prayer for those who proudly serve, and for those who have given their lives for the freedoms I enjoy."

Danny and Debbie Williams from Augusta, Ga., gave away several of the flags at Christmas and soon received an outpouring of thank you's.

"Just holding this flag and knowing where it has traveled just fills your heart with love for our country and her defenders," said Debbie.

The flags sell for $25 and each comes with a certificate of authentication signed by Davidson and Command Sgt. Maj. Brian Krabbe, the command sergeant major of 1st Sqdn., 73rd Cav. Regt. For information on purchasing a flag send e-mails to Taskforcebluefalcon@yahoo.com

Article and Photos by Spc. Susan Blair -
1st Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment, Public Affairs



Ron Simpson said...

cool, I am going to get one.

Leo Pusateri said...

Thanks for the info--

I'm gonna sign up for one myself.

yankeemom said...

Thanks for the link, FG!
Going there now.
And linking to you ~

Mike's America said...

That is a GREAT idea.

soljrsdad2 said...

As my son has been serviing with Alpha Co. 1-73rd since 4 Dec 2006, obtaining the flag, and more importantly seeing the accompanying photos was wonderful for myself and my family...
Thank you.

Flag Gazer said...

Please tell your son thank you!
We are grateful to him and all of the troops...