Monday, March 19, 2007

Operation Memories of Home

These magnificent pictures of scenes from Oregon are a sample of the packets that were sent to the Oregon National Guard in Afghanistan by an Oregon printing company - Shelton Turnbull Printers in Eugene. The employees wanted to do something for the 950 National Guard Soldiers.

Operation Memories of Home provided each of the Soldiers a packet. The packets include twelve 9 x 6 photos and a letter from the employees of Shelton Turnbull Printers:

"Our hope is that you do not forget why we call Oregon home; the scenic beauty, the quality of life and the wonderful people. Shelton Turnbull's employees wish you a safe return home and hope that the balance of your tour is completed quickly."

The response has been overwhelming. Thank you notes have poured in from the soldiers. "A lot of the guys talk about when they saw or were at any given place a photo was taken, and the memories it brings back to them. Again, I thank you for sharing the treasures of home with us."

Much gratitude to Shelton Turnbull Printers! A simple thing has become a prized possession!


SGT DUB said...

And now I know the rest of the story. I saw some of these pictures here last week but did not know the story behind them. Thanks

daniel said...

Beautiful photos and what a Great Country!

Flag Gazer said...

I am doubly impressed, because the town is about as "anti" as it gets - made me very happy to see people there supporting our troops.