Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hunts for Heroes

Hunts for Heroes was founded by today's Wednesday Hero, Billy Hodges.

It currently has branches in Texas, California, Arkansas, Mississippi, South Carolina, and hopes to have branches in all states.

The organization provides an opportunity for Wounded Warriors to experience hunting and fishing once again.

We are dedicated to providing quality hunting and outdoor related activities to men and women that have been wounded on the field of battle in service to our country in the war against terrorism. We organize hunts with professional guides and outfitters throughout the country for heroes that enjoy the outdoors.

are to hold events involving outdoor related television shows with heroes as the "stars of the show”. Through events such as these we would like to raise money for scholarships, grants and endowments. Heroes working for degrees in fields such wildlife management, habitat management, game law enforcement and other outdoor related jobs will be considered first.

I was on the highway one afternoon and I must have seen a hundred "I SUPPORT THE TROOPS" bumper stickers between Houston and El Campo , TX . I even commented to my wife (Patti) my doubt about the sincerity of those sporting such a sticker. After all, I told her, words without commitment are nothing more than lip service. It made me think back to the night in the Atlanta airport in 1971 when I first experienced the feeling of being unsupported.

I was on the way home for Christmas leave from Fort Jackson , S.C. and I was in line at Delta?s luggage check-in. I was talking to a Marine Captain in line behind me when the pretty girl in line in front of us asked the man at the desk if she could have a seat that was not next to someone in the military?.. I was stunned. I stared at her in disbelief as she walked past me on the way to board the plane. I remember the words F#*(&~G GI Joe Creep.

Growing up in El Campo , Texas , a small, very conservative, town in South Texas had insulated me from the war protests and anti-military sentiment that were so prevalent in the rest of the country at the time. The Marine told me to not feel so bad because I was getting off the plane in Houston . He was flying on to San Francisco where they will not only avoid sitting next to you but will not want to be on the same plane as a Marine.

That night in 1971 I made a promise to myself to do all I could to see that a member of the military never again be treated in such a way as we were. I was never spat upon in airports as returning Vietnam veterans were but all of us in uniform (My Team) were ostracized in one way or another in those days. I served in the United States Army and the Texas National Guard from 1971 through 1979.

Discounting the Civil War, I feel my time in the service were the darkest days for military servicemen/women in the history of this country. When I was thinking about a mission statement for HUNTS FOR HEROES it occurred to me that HUNTS FOR HEROES started in 1971 when a few of my friends did not turn their back on me and my high school classmates whom did not have the option of opting in or out of military service?

I will never forget them. This site is dedicated to those few friends that helped us make it through those dark years.

Billy Hodges

Is more than a slogan for HUNTS FOR HEROES
Go to their web site
This is a great group helping our wounded heroes.


Wade Huntsinger said...

Damn you do a great job. I so reading your post. It's like a one stop shop for saluting these precious treasures. Thanks for all you are doing as it gives me peace and pride to gaze upon the tributes. God bless ya, Stay Safe

Wade Huntsinger said...

BTW, I just felt compelled to make a donation to hunts for Heroes.
So, not only do you bless some hearts you have lead to a dontion. Great work.

Kathi said...

Great post!
And Billy is the sort of man who said once ""I surround myself with heroes, and I am proud to stand in their shadows"
A very modest man, with a heart as big as Texas!

Ron Simpson said...

I never understood the rationality of hating a draftee for going to Vietnam. I can see the twisted liberal logic hating a volunteer, but a draftee was forced to go. Then again most of the Vietnam era draftees I have met did not protest the war. Sometimes I am ashamed to be human.

Jason said...

Why aren't things like this covered in the MSM? I fear the answer to my question is probably pretty obvious.

Mike's America said...

It's so wonderful to learn about all the great programs that Americans are spontaneously putting together to help our wounded soldiers.

What a great country to produce such incredible individuals willing to sacrifice so much for this nation.

And a double blessing to learn that so many people honor and respect their dedication to our freedom.

Thank you for sharing this!