Wednesday, March 14, 2007

These Colors Don't Run Caravan

"The only American idols I'm concerned with wear the uniform of the United States of America"

Debra Argel

Gold Star Mother

Debra with a picture of her son, Capt Derek Argel

The Move America Forward - These Colors Don't Run caravan is moving across the country. They will be in Washingtion DC for the Gathering of Eagles Rally.

Picture 'borrowed' from Blue Collar Republican - go here to read about the rally!

Bear Creek Ledger on the Tennesse Rally - go here!

Yankeemom on the Lafayette Rally - go here!

Hammering Sparks from the Anvil on the Los Angeles Rally - go here!


daniel said...

Go Eagles!

Todd Larkin said...

You always find the greatest things to blog about. I dont know where you find them but you always find something interesting. Thanks for the Snowman card it was pretty cool. I have it up in my office!! Have a good weekend..