Saturday, March 10, 2007

"Peace" Protestors Prove They Are NOT Peaceful

I wrote about my first face to face experiences with 'Peace Protestors' here. Please read it - read about the woman who stood up to them. There were many more in the 60's and, unfortunately, they are back. I have no patience with them. Maybe, if they were peaceful, I wouldn't find them so reprehensible. At a major intersection in town, it is not unusual to find them on all four corners. Let me share a letter to the editor of our local paper.

.... Traffic was heavy. At the light, I noticed there to be a few more anti-war protestors than usual, with a couple on the corner near me. Curious, I rolled down my window (I was not in a curbside lane) and asked a gentleman if his sign "Pink for Peace" meant he wanted to surrender. The man, apparently angered by my question, charged into traffic to my vehicle, stuck his head in my passenger window, began screaming obscenities at me and said George Bush should be shot. A woman over on the curb kept yelling at him to stop in fear he was going to get them in trouble. As he returned to the sidewalk, continuing his obscene assault, he finished me off with an unkind finger gesture.

It appears some who exercise their freedom of speech have no understanding of what it really means. Apparently for some, freedom of speech means they can say what they want, when they want, how they want and to whom they want , but no one else can (or even ask a question for that matter). Further, a man who wishes his president dead while carrying a 'peace' sign demonstrates an insurmountable level of hypocrisy. If this is what our learning institutions are presenting as freedom of speech,' I fear it won't be long until certain 'free' speech will become punishable, as demonstrated in Congress by way of the introduction of the 'fairness doctrine.'

-W.F., Bend

Thank you, W.F. You sum it up nicely. Usually when I drive by these unwashed and disgusting people, all you hear is the *F* word and fingers in unkind gestures. Is that the way to persuade someone to join your side?

Please, if you are going to demonstrate for PEACE - have some in your actions and your soul. Spitting at soldiers and spray painting the Capitol steps and cursing and flipping people off is not PEACEFUL. Wishing for a President to be shot or to die is not PEACEFUL. This is fascist in nature and does not spark a dialogue. It just makes people hate you when you insist they agree with you or die - gee, isn't that what Hitler and Stalin did? What the Islamofascists do?

Since the sixties, peace protestors have done something I never would have believed - they have gotten worse and more vile. They lie. They are violent. They are destructive. They have more name calling than substance to their arguments. While I would welcome a debate, this is not debate. It is intimidation. It is disrepectful to all. It is the action of bullies. And, most of all, IT IS NOT PEACEFUL.

Yankeemom has a post up about a Support Rally she attended - well worth the read and lots of great pictures!!


Mike's America said...

Flag Gazer: These people have never been about "peace."

If any of your readers needs a clue to their real motivations, allow me to ask the following question:

Did you ever see them protesting the Soviets when they were brutalizing Afghanistan?

Yeah, I know, it's been so easy to laugh of our criticisms of these folks by pointing out they have ties and sympathy with communists and America's enemies, but despite the success the left enjoys in disguising this fact, it is still a fact.

Many of these people would actively support the overthrow of the U.S. government, internment for all elected leaders and anyone who supports them and the installation of a Marxist style dictatorship where THEY would be in charge.

Yes, I know, I can hear the chuckles and snickering from those who would prefer not to face that fact as well, but so be it.

It's painful to realize that there are people so angry with the American system of government (the same system that protects their rights) that they would willingly displace it for another of those Marxist utopias that have brought nothing but misery upon the world.

Are there "peace" protestors who are not commie wannabes? Sure. But when you see people holding up the banner of "CODE Pink" just what do you think they are trying to tell you?

Code for what?

Sarge Charlie said...

I still feel the hurt that the "Peacnicks" gave to me on my return from Vietnam, and when Hanoi Jane put her face back in the mix my fury was rekindled, check my post, 'FOREVER STUPID"

Flag Gazer said...

Well put. The hypocrisy that surrounds them always astounds me - they are always screaming 'civil rights' and 'freedom of speech' while attacking those who disagree with them.

I hope you read the story at the first link that showed what one kind woman was doing in those days.
On her behalf, I welcome you home and I thank you.

chrys said...

You've handled what I've planned to handle on other days - Yet, here is be - no such post! Good one Gazer!

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Great post, and timely. I just do not understand the vitriolic anger that peace fascists and anti-war protestors often have, in expressing their love for peace.