Saturday, April 28, 2007

Vote for Major Josh Lipschutz!!

Vote for
Major Josh Lipschutz

Radio station 106.1 FM in Philadelphia is having a "Paging Dr McDreamy" contest.

Major Josh Lipschutz is one of the ten finalists. He is the only Soldier in the running.

Josh served in Iraq in 2005 and is getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan. He is married and has two small children, ages 5 and 3 1/2.

In civilian life, he is a doctor of Internal Medicine and Nephrology and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvannia.

To vote for Josh - click here

You will have to scroll through the pictures to vote. Click on Josh's name, add your email
and then click the verification email you will get - watch your junk folder!

A win would be a nice send-off for his next deployment!!!
Contest ends April 29th.
Josh Won!
Thank you all for your votes!


Sarge Charlie said...

I did and he is way out front

Anonymous said...

You may want to point out that the contest ends Sunday, April 29th!! He's in the lead by a good margin but a lot can happen in the meantime. You're linked at ASP! Good luck Josh.

Flag Gazer said...

Thanks CJ - I looked for the deadline - that's for finding it!

De'on Miller said...

go Major! I freely stole your entire post! I couldn't leave out the handsome MUG either!

Anonymous said...

So, how will we know if he won or not? I can't find it anywhere on the site, but he was in the lead on the 29th.