Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Faces of America

The Faces of America

The Tin Foil Brigade

These people will believe anything, no matter how screwy, that condemns their country. The only thing larger than the screwy things they believe is their willingness to express it. Little things like facts never seem to get in their way.

The Haters and Anarchists

These people hate most everything and believe in the downfall of this country. They are loud and obscene and violent. They believe that none of us should have any ownership rights... everything should belong to everyone!

The Surrender Crowd

These people voted to authorize the war, then decided that winning it was a bad idea. They like to pretend that there is only one war - Iraq - and, they seem to believe that it is unwinnable. Harry Reid just declared "The War in Iraq is Lost," while standing in front of a "Support the Troops" sign.

The Anti-War Crowd

Mostly left over from the sixties, these, mostly women, believe that there is no good war. They really don't support the troops, but have convinced themselves that they must protect the troops from the government... no war EVER... for any reason.

The Hate Bush Crowd

They just hate President Bush. It wouldn't matter what he did, they would disagree and hate him for it, even if it were their own idea.

The America is at the Mall Crowd

Unfortunately, I think this is the majority of America. These are the Americans that never think about the war, the troops, the issues. They just know that they are annoyed by anything that they perceive as negative or interrupting their lives. For the most part, they live in a pre-911 world.

The Pro-Victory Crowd

This is the only group that seems to live in a September 12 world. They see the threats against the country as being quite real. For the most part, they embrace the troops with support. They believe that this is a long war and that victory is essential for the survival of the country.


The divides between the groups continue to grow. Friendships and families are being torn apart by the excesses of opinions and emotions. Some people belong to several of the groups. Eliminating Bush and/or Iraq will not change anything. Substitutes will be found.

And, in case my usual obscene crazies read this, NO ONE is pro-war. If you can find someone who loves war, I would be surprised. And, yes, comment moderation is still on.


De'on Miller said...

great post! Hope all is well here for you.

Sarge Charlie said...

Miss Gazer, you have a great post here, thanks, seems strange that we have to repeat history but it sure looks like we are moving back into the 60's and 70's, so sad.....

you were right on my post, you could detect a little

Flag Gazer said...

I feel like I am in a time warp. I did not like it the first time around, and like it less this time.

A little pride - no - a lot!!! As well it should be!!

Mike's America said...

Can I add something to the Anarchists slogan:

"No God
No Country
No Masters

Flag Gazer said...

You got that right, Mike!

Terri said...

Great Post and I must say that you've got each of the "faces" described to a T.

yankeemom said...

Exceptional post, FG!!! You have it all right there! I'm so fed up with this revisiting the 60's! We are inundated with the patchouli crowd here in my neck of the woods.
I'm going to put it up at my place ~

Flag Gazer said...

Terri and Yankeemom ~
Thanks... It is scary.

SGT White said...

Wow, you definitely nailed the categories. I didn't exist during the 60's but if today is reminiscent of then, then I'm glad I didn't. This country is pretty, for lack of a better term, "charged-up" among all things war and government right now.

Ron Simpson said...

BTW, Gazer, you are an American I am proud to call a friend. I wish there were more like you.

Anonymous said...
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Flag Gazer said...

The rules here are:
1. you sign your posts or risk being deleted
2. you actually read the post you are commenting on.
3. you make sense.
4. Insulting the blog owner is never a good strategy.
Question - if you so detest what is written here, why did you spend so much time here?