Thursday, April 26, 2007

Soldier Requests Honor for Military

Soldier Requests Honor
for Military

In a rare editorial piece from an active duty soldier, comes this request for us to allow flags to be flown at half-staff at military bases for fallen soldiers.


KABUL, Afghanistan - A U.S. Army sergeant complained in a rare opinion article that the U.S. flag flew at half-staff last week at the largest U.S. base in Afghanistan for those killed at Virginia Tech, but the same honor is not given to fallen U.S. troops here and in Iraq.

Wilt suggested that flags should fly at half-staff on the base where the fallen service member was working and in the states where they hail from. He said some states do this, but not all of them.

"If the flags on our (operating bases) were lowered for just one day after the death of a service member, it would show the people who knew the person that society cared, the American people care."

Read the entire article:,13319,133379,00.html?

Fortunately, our Governor does order our flags flown at half-staff for Oregon soldiers who have fallen.


Frank Staheli said...

I agree. It's also important for us to know for what particular reason a flag is being flown at half mast. Often we see one such flag flying and think to ourselves, why is it that way?

The Virginia tech victims (of which the murderer was not one, contrary to media portrayals) should be respected with flags flown at half mast at Va Tech and perhaps in the rest of the state.

But instead of flags at FOBs in Afghanistan flying low for the Va Tech students, you and the writer of the appeal are absolutely correct that the flags should bow FIRST in deference to those who gave their last full measure of devotion to their country.

Ron Simpson said...

we should honor both. The tragedy in Vatech is bad because we do not expect it. I am not lessening the tragedy to the families that lose a soldier in the war. I think the FOB and the flags for the entire chain of command of a soldier lost should fly at half mast. I think that every state that loses a soldier should fly it at half mast. that is my 2 cents.

Flag Gazer said...

Our Governor is very good about ordering the flag ro fly at half-staff for the fallen soldiers, officers and firemen, but unless it is a person from your community, you have no idea why. It would be nice if there was an OBVIOUS place on the web site that listed the information, because the newspapers certainly aren't interesting in giving the information.

And, I agree with Ron, every state should do this.

SGT White said...

So not all states lower flags for their fallen troops? Wow. I can probably guess the states that don't pretty easily. What a shame.

Flag Gazer said...

Sgt White -
It seems to be at the discretion of each Governor. Our does, but unless you are on top of the state news, you don't know why. Like Frank says, 'why is it that way?'

One of the searches that hit me regularly is 'why is the flag at half-staff'?