Monday, April 23, 2007

Special Operations Forces Week

Special Operations Forces Week

April 23-27, 2007

Marking the 20th Anniversary

of the Special Operations Forces Command

With gratitude to these people who quietly keep us safe and free.

At MacDill Air Force Base, Florida is the

Special Operations Memorial

"This memorial is dedicated to and pays tribute to those men and women of Special Operations who have made the supreme sacrifice to thier nation. It is also dedicated to the 'quiet professionals' of yesterday, today and tomorrow, who, as part of a legendary community of uncommonly skilled and uniquely trained ground, air and maritime forces and civilians, stand ready to meet the challenges faced by our nation."


Sarge Charlie said...

Thanks for posting this Gazer, I think Stewart has tucked tail and ran.

Flag Gazer said...

Stewart - cut and run? - imagine that! No Special Ops in his soul!!