Thursday, February 22, 2007

Milbloggies ~ Please vote!

Gazing at the Flag is in the Finals for a Milbloggie!
Category: US Military Supporter
I would appreciate your vote!
You must register to vote and sign in- it is simple!
ANYONE may register to vote!

This is a great place to find some remarkable blogs!
Several of my blogging friends are in the finals:

US Army:
From My Position...On the Way!
Maj Chuck Z - wounded in Iraq, still undergoing surgeries for his wounds, comments on most everything! His wounds and spirit inspired Valour-IT.
Badgers Forward
Currently in Iraq - personal, informative commentary from the war zone.
Currently in Afghanistan - pictures, commentary, poetry.
Where I Stand
Currently in the Philippines - remarkable commentary from a forgotten war .
Acute Politics
Currently in Iraq - this young soldier has a marvelous writing ability.
An interesting and informative journey in Afghanistan. This is a soldier that we support with packages and mail while he deployed.

US Air Force
Afghanistan without a Clue
Humorous and informative look at life at an airbase in Afghanistan.

US Marine Corps
Fire & Ice
My friend, Mike Fay, is one of the Marine Corps Artists. He shares his art work and his word craft. Mike is getting ready to return to Iraq
Jarhead's Firing Range
Jarhead John is in Japan and shares his opinions and thoughts.

US Military Veteran
Sarge Charlie
My new friend who is so supportive to all of the milbloggers out there.

US Civilian
Soldiers' Angels Germany
My dear friend, MaryAnn, is the coordinator for the Soldiers' Angles Wounded Projects in Germany for Landstuhl Hospital.

US Military Parents
You Betcha I'm a Proud Army Mom
Yankeemom carries on the battle at home!

All of the nominees have great blogs,
but these are the ones I have been reading for a long time.
Please read them. Please vote!


Ron Simpson said...

Thanks for the links. I will check them out. Your blog and the effort and dedication you put into it are humbling.

Toni said...

Aside from your recommendations but I nominated and voted for you! Good luck.

Mike said...

You get my vote!

daniel said...

I don't know; you or JJ?
You do great posts but JJ is a true Marine, I would actually vote for Gunz!
Both great Marines!
Semper Fi!

Mike's America said...

Do you have to be a milblogger to register and vote?

daniel said...

I put in a vote for ya FG!
As well as JJ, Gunz is not nominated. Next year I will mominate him.

daniel said...

Apparently not Mike. Though it is a Mil blog indexer. It tracks only Milblogs and it's supporters.
Though I saw a non-specified blog entry. You can sign in and just vote.

Flag Gazer said...

Thank you all so much!! The best thing about blogging is getting to know all of you and reading your blogs.

Mike (America) - no, you do not have to be a milblogger, but you do have to register - it is easy.

Sarge Charlie said...

Congrats Ms Gazer on your 1st Place position.

tell me about Wednesday's Hero, bare in mind I am old an slow.....

You got my vote also

yankeemom said...

Yep, voted for you!