Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mount Vernon ~ George Washington's Home

Mount Vernon
George Washington's Home
Front entrance to Mount Vernon

Front of Mount Vernon

Outbuildings - include the laundry, the spinning room, the overseer's room, the storage room for paint and tools, the spinning and weaving room, the ice house, and more...

View of the Potomac from the back of the house.

The back of the house. When I visited last June, it was undergoing restoration. They were removing 30 years worth of paint. Mount Vernon's exterior is wood, carved to look like stone. It is painted with oil and white sand is thrown into the wet paint. This gives it the appearance of stone.

Mount Vernon is still worked as a farm. You can see the vegetable and herb gardens. Livestock of the same breeds Washington raised are still maintained here - cattle, sheep, pigs, horses and mules.

Anyone who has the opportunity to visit Mount Vernon should go. It is a remarkable place! Since I was there, they have opened the new museum and visitors center there. The food at the restaurant is amazing. You do feel transported back to the eighteen century!

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