Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rambo Honored in Afghanistan

Rambo's Bravery Honored
in Award Ceremony

Remember Rambo - ??!!

On January 16, Rambo, an Afghan security guard, and and interpreter were on duty outside the main gate of Camp Phoenix, Kabul, Afghanistan. A vehicle crashed into the front barrier. It was clear to Rambo that the driver was attempting to initiate a suicide bomb. Without thinking of his own safety, Rambo physically forced the driver from the vehicle, preventing him from detonating the device. Throughout the incident, the interpreter remained at his post, giving commands to the driver and helping confirm that there was a bomb in the vehicle.

On January 24, Rambo and the interpreter who prevented the attack on Camp Phoenix earlier in the month were honored by General David Richards, COMISAF (Commander of International Security Assistance Force). They were each presented with a framed certificate, and ISAF Coin and a gift for their families. A citation was given to each of the men, commending them on their bravery and outstanding steadfastness.

Gen Richards to Rambo: "Rambo, we are in awe of your great courage and we salute you here today." To the interpreter: "You were every bit as brave as Rambo. You could have left your post, but you demonstrated the great Afghan quality of courage."

I am proud that Afghanistan has fine citizens who want to make their country strong and free. Congratulations to Rambo and the interpreter!

Task Force Phoenix 5 has a follow-up well worth reading.


Sarge Charlie said...

Morning Gazer, do you read SgtDub, he is on my sidebar. He is stationed at Camp Phoenix and did a post about this when it happened.

Hammer said...

I'm glad to see this kind of bravery and dedication. Thanks for sharing it.

De'on Miller said...

What an outstanding man. Thanks for sharing and hope all is well with you.

Flag Gazer said...

I'm so glad he was rrecognized for his bravery.

Yes, I read Sgt Dub, too!!

SGT White said...

Bravo! 'Bout time he got recognized. This man is my Afghan hero. I mean c'mon, he arms himself with a lead pipe!

devildog6771 said...

Awe, now this was awesome. I am so glad they were honored.

Sean said...

I was with TF Phoenix III - back when the b-huts weren't built yet; and I remember Rambo fondly. The guards tried getting him a new whacking stick but he wouldn't part with his old one. Great guy.

Anonymous said...

It is good that they were honred but who know the fact. only me a sodlier . who save my life .
only the Linguist not rambo but he is the hero . God bless the interpreter who save us .

Flag Gazer said...

ANON - I heard about this story for soldiers who were there - sorry, your story was not told as well