Thursday, February 08, 2007

Scholarships for Children of the Military

Scholarships for
Children of the Military

Homefront America is having an essay competition to award $25,000 in scholarships for children of the military, in gratitude for the sacrifices they have made while their parents serve our nation.

The competition is open to children - ages 16-21 - of military parents who are Active Duty, Retirees, Wounded or Killed in Action.

The themes for the essays are:

  • America - It's a Wonderful Country
  • Turning Challenges into Opportunities
  • Why I am Proud to be an American
  • My Dad/Mom - My Hero

For full rules and application, go to

This organization is recognized by America Supports You and the Department of Defense. Please pass this information on to any children you may know.


Sarge Charlie said...

I know my kids served along with me, i have one daughter that was in 4 different schools during her high school years.....anything we can do for them, they earned it.

FreeCyprus said...
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FreeCyprus said...

great posts and pics as always

I admire your patriotism.