Thursday, October 11, 2007

Army Ten Miler ~ The Shadow Runs!!!!


Soldiers and Sailors stationed at Forward Operating Base Tombstone took the initiative to organize their own Shadow Run to support the official Army Ten-Miler as well as the wife of one of the runners, Major Brian O'Neil. So with no bibs, no t-shirts, no timing chips or finisher's coins, but with lots of heart and enthusiasm, this group of runners set out to run what turned into an 11-mile course. The scenery consisted of sand, fence lines, and guard towers, but none of the runners seemed to mind. As the runners completed the Tombstone Ten-Miler, their accomplishment was reward enough.


Approximately 200 paratroopers, soldiers, airmen and civilians took part in the Adder Ten-Miler on October 7, 2007. The race was organized by 1LT Adrian White, the Garrison Command Morale, Welfare and Recreation officer-in-charge in order to make the soldiers' experience at LSA Adder "a little more enjoyable."


The 2007 Army Ten-Miler Shadow Run in Kosovo at Camp Bondsteel was an international success, with more than 250 runners from 24 countries. Camp Bondsteel is home to approximately 1,500 U.S. Soldiers and Airmen assigned to KFOR's Multi-National Task Force (East).
At Camp Adder, the person with the fastest overall time of 58 minutes, 20 seconds for the race was 1st Lt. Anthony R. Calingo, a battle captain in 11th Transportation Battalion.“I felt pretty happy that they put on the event. This is my 6th Army 10-Miler and second one in Iraq. It’s something I like doing every year and to be able to continue doing it while deployed is definitely a good thing,” said Calingo.

The female with the overall fastest time of 1 hour, 16 minutes, eight seconds in the race was 2nd Lt. Ann Ayers of Blackstone, Va., with the 603rd Transportation Company.“It makes the deployment feel as if we were back in the rear, a little bit more normal. I was impressed with my time because I really can’t run a whole lot while I’m here because I’m always out on convoys. This was a real morale booster for me,” said Ayers.


Ron Simpson said...

I had a CO that was a marathon runner up at Ft Lost in the Woods. he told our company on a Thursday, that whoever completed 26 miles with him would get a free 5 day pass. Out of 150 some people, only about 12 of us finished. It took hours and hours. The last few miles I was barely running and had to have people help hold me up. When I finished I just laid on the ground for about 30 minutes. And that was when I was in great shape. I could do 5 easy and 10 with effort. 26 about killed me.

Flag Gazer said...

I couldn't do it at all - that is why I am so impressed! But, with the heat and crummy air quality in Iraq and Afghanistan, I AM impressed.

So, what did you do on that 5 day pass?

Ron Simpson said...

I came home to Oklahoma. Saw my family and friends. Then I went back. Although I did go on a pass to St Louis and saw a double header Cards game. This was back in 93 when the floods were so bad the Mississippi river was at the Arch.