Friday, October 12, 2007

Medal of Honor to Navy SEAL Lt Michael Murphy

Medal of Honor
to be Awarded to
Navy SEAL Lt Mike Murphy

It was announced by the White House and confirmed by the Pentagon that Navy SEAL Lt Mike Murphy will be awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in Afghanistan. The ceremony will take place on October 22 at the White House.

Murphy, 29, was leading a four-man observation team in Afghanistan when they were spotted by Taliban fighters. During intense fighting, he and two of his men were killed, and a fourth man, former Special Warfare Operator 1st Class (SEAL) Marcus Luttrell, was seriously wounded but managed to escape and was rescued days later. Sixteen were killed in a rescue attempt.

This is the first Medal of Honor awared in the Afghanistan theatre of operations.

The events that led to this award are chronicled in the book Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell.


Anonymous said...

All respect and love goes out to this brave American hero. May God grant him rest and his family and loved ones the peace of knowing they will be reunited one day in heaven. God Bless America.


Dave Miller said...

I saw this in todays paper. I think I also read that this was the first medal of honor awarded to a seal since WWII.

Buck Pennington said...

This is good news. I knew he was being considered but hadn't heard about the decision.


Donald Douglas said...

Thanks for your regular posts on the troops!

Ron Simpson said...

about damn time.

Ron Simpson said...

Dave, from what I could find there were two SEALs in Vietnam who were awarded the Medal of Honor.

Lieutenant, Junior Grade, U.S. Naval Reserve, Sea, Air, and Land Team (SEAL). place and date: Near Nha Trang Bay, Republic of Vietnam, 14 March 1969.

Lieutenant, U.S. Navy, SEAL Advisor, Strategic Technical Directorate Assistance Team, Headquarters, U.S. Military Assistance Command. Place and date: Quang Tri Province, Republic of Vietnam, 10 to 13 April 1972.

Gumby said...

The story of the life and the death of Lt. Murphy is one of the most inspiring in recent times. But how many minutes on the news or how many lines in newspapers have been devoted to passing it on. Compare that to the news focus given in the last week or month to Britney Spears, who it seems just destined to spend the rest of her life back in the trailer park. We are becoming a sick, twisted society.

Dave said...

This is a tribute to all those who serve; to all who have made the supreme sacrifice; and especially to the Naval Special Warfare community. His personal and his teams actions were borne out of BUD/S and steeled in the time honored tradition of the "TEAMS." Thanks to Marcus Luttrell for giving all Americans the story of what most SEALS consider a job.
God speed...........
Dave Fry
LtCol USMC (Ret.)

Janet G. said...

His is an inspiring story and his name has become a part of the American story. Long after today's folk heroes have vanished and their fleeting images lost to time, Lt Michael P. Murphy will remain a shining light in our history. His sacrifice and his heroism will continue to set an example of what people can rise to accomplish in trying times. I will remember his actions that day in Afghanistan and that of his companions for the remainder of my life. Thank-you Michael. God bless America.

Anonymous said...

This medal could not have gone to a more deserving person. Hooyah.