Monday, October 01, 2007

Clarence Thomas - 60 minutes (1-3)

If you have the time, these are well worth watching.

This is a man that I admire and respect greatly.


American Interests said...

He is to be admired, coming from very humble beginnings in the racist Deep South, raised by a very tough love grandfather eventually goes to college, to law school, to Government service, to the US Supreme Court!

Importantly, he provides his account of the Anita Hill debacle. Readers of his book will be challenged to come away without a feeling that what happened to him was lowly, moreover, to think, from elected individuals.

Incidentally, in a piece in the New York Times entitled The Smear This Time, Anita Hill has refuted the allegations made in the book.

Flag Gazer said...

I watched the Anita Hill testimony and was appalled by her lack of credibility and the attack dogs of the Senate. It was the end of civil discourse there.

Anita should shut up - she has a great career and has made a lot of money as the darling of the left, yet has contributed little.

Thanks for the link - I read the piece and find her no more credible now than I did them.

Sarge Charlie said...

He is a great man, history will tell that story.

Amy P said...

You and I are really on the same wavelength in our posts, Grazing at the Flag!

I lived through Thomas' confirmation hearing and it isn't until now when I watched the interview that I realized what an amazing story he has to tell. The Jesse Jacksons of the world could learn something from this man.