Saturday, October 20, 2007

Farewell, Deborah Kerr

Deborah Kerr
September 30, 1921 - October 16, 2007
We lost one of our great actresses this week. Deborah Kerr made great movies that are still being talked about and enjoyed today. She made us laugh and cry. She left behind a legacy that we are still enjoying today. Thank you, Miss Kerr.


Gayle said...

AWWWW! I hadn't heard about this. What a shame. She was one of my favorites! :(

Buck Pennington said...

I'm forever in Ms. Kerr's debt for entertaining my granddaughters for hours upon hours upon hours. They simply couldn't get enough of "The King and I." And I let them watch as often as they pleased.


Anthony DeLucca said...

"Heaven Knows Mr. Allison" is on the short list of movies to watch at least once a year.

She was absolutely amazing in that film.

Flag Gazer said...

Anthony - I agree - I love that film!

Buck - wouldn't it be nice to have more movies like that come along now and then?

Kris, in New England said...

"An Affair to Remember" - boy oh boy is that one a classic. Makes me cry just thinking about it, let alone watching it.

She was the epitome of "class".