Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Day's Salary to Valour-IT

This is a picture of Sharon, our shearer, shearing one of our Angora goats. Sharon drives about three hours each way to get to our farm and spends about eight hours here shearing the goats. This is hard work - trust me.

You probably wonder why I have a picture of Sharon on a post about Valour IT. This is my tribute to her generosity and grace for our troops.

When she got here, we were talking about our troop support activities - something she always asks about. When we finished shearing, and I was getting ready to pay her, she said, "I have a proposition for you.... Take my fees and give them to the troop project."

I have donated, in Sharon's name, her fee for an entire day's work. Not many people are willing to give a day's wages to anything, but Sharon did. In my book, she is an extra-special lady!
Thank you, Sharon!!!!


This is a post from last year's drive. Sharon is still supporting the project. Are you?

What can you give to support Valour-IT?

Do you know why this is a post for Team Navy????? The Answer is here....


Buck Pennington said...

Do you know why this is a post for Team Navy?????

Well, at the risk of looking really dumb or ignorant or Do tell!

American Interests said...

That’s very noble of Sharon.

Someone in Australia thinks she is special too.

Ron Simpson said...

That is very great of her. Give her Kudos from me.

JihadGene said...

God bless Sharon LOOONG time!!! Great post!