Saturday, November 03, 2007

Meet MEGEN !!!! ~ Project Valour-IT

“MEGEN” (say it sort of like like a girl’s name) is the “Most Exhaulted GoldEn Notebook,” the trophy for the 2006 ValOUR-IT fund drive. (H/T: SteelJaw Scribe for the name)

Team Navy won MEGEN last year for meeting the team goal of the Valour-IT competition first. MEGEN has been busy traveling across the country and having her picture taken at some remarkable places.

While all of this is fun, the purpose is to remind us to support Valour-IT. Valour-IT provides laptop computers with voice activated software for our wounded warriors with hand/arm injuries. It provides these men and women the ability to communicate with the outside world - their buddies in theater, family and friends. It prevents the isolation of no communication.

Please, click on one of the donation boxes to the left and give to Valour-IT today. Thank you!

(More MEGEN tomorrow!!)

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