Saturday, November 10, 2007

Marine Corps 232nd Birthday ~ Iraq Style

A Marine detail moves the ceremonial cake for the Marine Corps 232nd Birthday on Contingency Operating Base Speicher, Tikrit, Iraq, on November 9. The ceremony was coordinated by the 2nd Region border transition Team, which consists of Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen

Marine Lt Col Matthew Day uses a Marine Ka-Bar knife to cut the ceremonial cake for the 232nd Marine Corps Birthday, COB Speicher, Tikrit, Iraq.

Lt Col Matthew Day is the team leader for the 2nd Region Border Transition Team with the 1st Marine Division our of Camp Pendleton. It is customary to present the first pieces of cake to the guest of honor, and the oldest and youngest Marines present.

A color guard presents the colors at the 232nd Marine birthday ceremony at COB Speicher. The color gurad consisted of Soldiers, Marines, and an Iraqi Army Soldier.
Photos from SPC Eric Rutherford, 115th MPAD
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wkpeterman said...

Just a side note, the knife they cut the cake is not a Ka-Bar, it is a Marine Corps bayonet made by Ontario Knife Company.

Semper Fi.

Flag Gazer said...

the captions are written by the DOD