Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Operation Santa / Hospitals Needs Our Help!!!

Operation Santa
for the Hospitals & Our Wounded Troops

Operation Santa for the Hospitals is putting together Christmas stockings with gift cards and treats and cards to deliver to the OEF/OIF veterans at Bethesda, Walter Reed, Balboa Naval Hospital and Brooke Army Medical Center.

And, they need our help!!!! There are two ways to help -

Money - They can use our donations to purchase stocking stuffers and pay for postage. To donate, you can click this Pay Pal link for Marine Corps Family Foundation - a 501(c)(3) - so your donations are tax deductible - be sure and designate "For the Hospitals" in the notes box or, you can tuck a check into the envelope of Christmas cards!

Christmas Cards - They wish to put lots of Christmas Cards in the stockings! So, if you can sit down and write a joyful Christmas card (or a box or two!) and send them to:

Operation Santa - c/o Marine Moms-Bethesda - P O Box 22 - Cordova MD 21625

Please note: The cards must be glitter and coating free - these come off and can cause secondary infections in the wounds. Don't seal the envelopes - they are screened. Please consider tucking a check in (Marine Corps Family Foundation - Hospitals) to help with the project! They should be postmarked by December 3.

Contact Carrie at for any one interested in supporting the efforts or for more information about the stockings.

Contact Jane at for more information about the cards. And, Jane's detailed post is here

Please help Carrie and Jane make our wounded troops Christmas a little brighter!


Anonymous said...

You are aces, Flag Gazer!!!

Thank you so much for the support.


Buck Pennington said...

Yet another worthy cause. And once again... thanks, FG. I'm awed at the time and effort you put into support for the troops.

Jenn of the Jungle said...

Another thing people can do is contact their local hospital and ask if they have a decorating commitee.

I will be at Balboa Naval Hosp. decorating with other volunteers for the holidays. It will be fun and it gives the boring hospital a lift.

Many of the soldiers there have been and will be there for some time due to therapy and recovery from their wounds, so anything that can brighten their day is a good thing.

Thanks again FG for all you do.

Donald Douglas said...

Thanks Flag Gazer.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting about the Operation Santa-Hospital project, Flag Gazer. The response from people for support has been wonderful.


American Interests said...

Good work. we'll be writing our many cards to post tomorrow. There is always a few left over and I now know exactly what to do with them. Thanks for the address..