Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanks to the Troops from Neil Cavuto

I cannot imagine eating
Thanksgiving dinner in a mess hall.
In a foreign country.
In a hostile foreign country.
Away from family.
Away from friends.
Away from all I hold dear.

I cannot imagine wondering whether this meal might be my last.
Or the buddy sitting next to me won't always be with me.
I cannot imagine going through what our soldiers go through every day.
But, especially "this" day.
When we should all give thanks.

But, they barely have the time to eat.
Before they're back on the line.
Back protecting us.
We who debate their role.
Some of us who even mock their cause.
This isn't about war.
This is about those who fight it.
And live through it.
In a place we forget.
On a day we should not.

I am very lucky to have this day with my family.
My creature comforts are secure precisely because theirs are not.

It's not fair.
It's not right.
It just is.

They are due our thanks every day.
Our prayers all days.
But they are due both, especially this day.

It's amazing to me that those paid so little, give so much.
Never complaining.
Always giving.
So that we can sit down in peace.
While they stand guard, in war.

Thank you, my friends.
And, Happy Thanksgiving.

-Neil Cavuto, Cavuto on Business, Fox News
Thank you, Neil Cavuto, for summing it up so well for all of us.


I am Heidi's Mom. said...

Dear Cynthia ~

This time last year, my daughter, Heidi, had her Thanksgiving dinner at a firebase in Afghanistan. A few weeks later, a picture of Heidi holding her Thanksgiving dinner on her lap in the cold, was featured in Army Times.

Today, we will once again hold hands around our table at home and I will be able to hug my daughter until she begs me to let go.

My heart breaks for the families, some I know, many I don't know, who won't be able to do this. Someone dearly loved is missing never to come home again. Others are permanently damaged, some unable to even feed themselves. God love and bless and keep each one of these families. Know your sacrifice is not forgotten by me and how often I think of you and remember your suffering.

And on this Thanksgiving Day, I thank God I have my daughter back.

Many thanks to you, Cynthia, and your efforts to make sure they are not forgotten.

Kerri, Heidi’s Mom

Violence Worker said...

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sarge Charlie said...

Cavuto gets it, more than most

Wade Huntsinger said...

Happy thanksgiving and many blessings...

Mike's America said...

Neil Cavuto is brilliant! He says it all in few, but moving words.

I would just add:

We live in the greatest nation on earth. Blessed by both freedom and prosperity. None of that would have been achieved or maintained without the service and sacrifice of those willing to give their own lives so that others may live free.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

Flag Gazer said...

Thank you, all for stopping by.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Gunslinger said...

Happy Thanksgiving from freedom's frontier. Thank you, Cynthia for all you do. I share your letters and photos with my friends here, and we all see you as our adopted mother here. Our nation is better because of you and people like you. Thank you.

Reading this reminded me of a quote I once read from a guy who was over here before we had uparmored humvees and what not.

"Next time you are home and hear of a politician complaining about how hard the war is on him and his family, please remind him that every day we are out here fighting for our lives. Not for a free Iraq, but just to stay alive."

I think his name was Spc. Stuart Wilf, but I could be wrong on that.

Thanks again, and God bless all of you back in the states. Please enjoy this day with your friends and family, knowing that we are over here making a difference and fighting the bad guys here, so you don't have to fight them there.


Buck Pennington said...

Never complaining.

Well...that's a stretch! ;-)

But, other than that? Spot-on. Cavuto is almost always right on the money. Thanks for this, Cynthia.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours...and thanks for all you do.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

yankeemom said...

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, FG.
Neil C. said it well.

Cajun Tiger said...

This was my first Thanksgiving away from home in 33 years and it was tough, but the Army folks did their best to make the most of it for us. I even had a 2-star serve me turkey =) I always love Cavuto's opinion pieces as they are always so well done as is this one.

Flag Gazer said...

Cajun Tiger~
Thank you for all you are doing for us!!!