Saturday, November 10, 2007

Marine Corps Birthday ~ 232 years

Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. James T. Conway, cuts the first slice of cake during a ceremony in celebration of the 232nd Marine Corps birthday held at the Pentagon.

Happy Birthday
United States Marine Corps!
232 years old
God Bless you all !!!


American Interests said...

YES, Happy Birthday U.S. Marine Corps! Upon reading the post, I felt compelled to express thanks from abroad.

Buck Pennington said...

The photo reinforces the fact the Marines have the best looking uniform of all the US services. By far. There's a lot to be said for tradition, something I wish the USAF would learn.

Happy Birthday, USMC!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to ALL Marines, and may we remember our fallen brothers who are not here to celebrate with us on this day.

Flag Gazer said...

Yes, the Marine Corps Dress Blues are about the best looking thing there is!!!!