Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sharon, the Goats, MEGEN and Valour-IT

Sharon, the Angora Goats and MEGEN. Jr unite at a fiber festival.

You've met MEGEN - though this picture is MEGEN, Jr.

You've met BILL THE GOAT - an Angora Goat and mascot of the US Navy

And, you've met SHARON - my friend who donated a day's pay to VALOUR-IT

People from everywhere, people with varied interests make up the United States Military and the people who support them. Most of us do not personally know more than one (if any) members of our military - and are less likely to know anyone injured. Most of us are quietly living our lives and doing our jobs and taking care of our familites. We are not the people who have monuments built to them. But, we are noble, nonetheless, when we can reach out and lend a hand to those who need it. Each donation to VALOUR-IT is a noble gesture.

Click on one of the widgets on the side and make a noble gesture.

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