Saturday, January 06, 2007

Beauty Queen to Soldier

Beauty Queen
Relinquishes Crown
Heads to Iraq

Aquatennial Queen of the Lakes, Jessica Gaulke,
crowns her successor, Jenna Bernhardson.
Photo by Joey McLeister
Minneapolis Star Tribune

Jessica Gaulke, 22, has been the Aquatennial Queen of the Lakes for Minnesota for the last six months. Shortly after her ride in the Rose Parade, on Thursday, she gave up her crown and title and crowned her successor. She is a senior at Augsberg College and has put her last term as a sociology major on hold as well. She has also moved up her wedding date to next week.

In March, Jessica's National Guard Unit will be send to Fort Hood for training, then will head to Iraq in August.

Jessica was given the opportunity to serve out her term as Queen but she declined. "I'm part of a team, and I have to be part of that team the entire time," Jessica said.

Her job is repairing generators on helicopters. She jokes that they gave her the job as Princess in Robbinsdale and later Queen because she could fix the float if it broke down!

Jessica made her commitment to the National Guard while she was in high school. She is proud to serve and is the first member of the Queen of the Lakes court to do so.

We wish Jessica well. She has demonstrated the character and patriotism that makes this country great. Thank you, Jessica.


Frank Staheli said...

Jessica is a lesson in strength and selfless service. There should be at least a short documentary made out of her story someday soon.

SO many of the liberals never see this kind of thing, or else they don't think it's important. 3,000 soldiers killed, they say. That's too many, they say.

Well, ask people like Jessica. They are glad to serve Iraq.

Excellent story!

De'on Miller said...

This is such an excellent story. My husband called it a breath of fresh air to read about this beautiful and remarkable young lady. Thank you for sharing it.


Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Beauty, brains, and patriotism. Wow, one of the good ones.

Flag Gazer said...

This is such a great story - reinforces what fine young people these are!!!