Saturday, January 20, 2007

Iranian Hostages Free

January 20, 1981
American Hostages Released
from Iran after 444 days

I vividly remember this day and all of the days leading up to it - the very long 444 days that this country seethed with anger at the taking of our Embassy and holding Americans hostage. The release came shortly after the Inaguration of President Ronald Reagan. President Jimmy Carter had spent over a year trying to secure the release of the hostages. Final payments were made and the hostages were released after Carter was no longer President. The 52 hostages were at long last free. The country sighed a collective sigh of relief. Looking back, we never would have predicited that it was only the beginning... As Bruce Laingan said, "My God, it began with us."

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De'on Miller said...

I remember this too. What a weak time in our history for those 444 days.

Mike's America said...

I was on the Mall in Washington DC that day watching from a distance as President Reagan was sworn in.

The hostage drama was icing on the cake and proof that our nation was ready to head in a more positive direction.

I'm glad you remind us all of these anniversaries that seem to fade in our memory but are so key to our understanding of where we have been and where we are going.

Debbie said...

As the daughter of a former hostage, Bruce German, I appreciate anyone who remembers this terrible ordeal. January 20, 1981 was the best day of my life and it still brings tears to my eyes thinking about seeing my dad coming off the plane. I also tear up anytime I hear "Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Old Oak Tree". Many people focus on the irreversible change that came upon our country, but my family was also irreversibly changed. My father no longer speaks to anyone in his family and has become somewhat of a recluse. My son is now researching the Iran Hostage Crisis for his National History Day project (that is how I found your web page)and it is bringing a lot of painful memories back to me. Please, when you remember the crisis, remember also that our lives never got back to "normal" and we are now dealing with the aftermath of having our family members taken from us. Thanks for allowing me to post.