Thursday, January 04, 2007

National Guard to the Rescue

National Guard at Work
Assisting Storm Victims
Chief Warrant Officer Carl Gray loads hay in his UH-1 helicopter

The recent storms in Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico and across the plains have left many stranded. The National Guard has been heroic in finding stranded motorists, evacuting those with health problems, tending to people on isolated farms who are without power and, therefore, without water, and deliver food, water and medicine. They are also assisting the ranchers in trying to get hay to the cattle who are stranded in the snow.

Eight Colorado National Guard helicopters and a C-130 have been dispatched to attempt to find and feed the stranded livestock. Volunteer snowmobile search and rescue teams are also helping. They believe over 30,000 head of cattle are stranded in the deep snow drifts. In addition to dropping hay to the animals, they are locating water sources and cutting through the ice for the cattle to be able to get water.

Tens of thousands are still without power and this may continue for weeks while the lines are repaired.

Once again, the National Guard is assisting those in need in America. Thank you!!!


Jungle Mom said...

Yes Thanks again to these wonderful soldiers both here and over there

Flag Gazer said...

They are great, aren't they!
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