Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tagged ~ Five Things You Don't Know About Me

"There are many things few people outside my immediate friends know about me. Last Christmas there was a game of tag that I thought was fun, though it's value to a political blog, or the lack of value thereof, confused some people. Hey, we are so serious all the time with our blogs, or at least I seem to be, it's nice to cut loose every once in a while," says Douglas ~ as he tags me to be one of the next players in the game..... just when I thought you were my friend, Douglas... LOL

Games People Play
I have been tagged by Douglas in a game of tag that asks the player to announce little known facts about themselves. So, here it goes,

"Five Things You Don't Know About Me"

1. A memory prompted by Douglas' first entry - During the 1971 earthquake, I was living in an apartment in Inglewood, California. I was awakened by the water bed (the early ones were a big bladder of water!) having a major tidal surge while I was being tossed around in it, and eventually struggled to get out of it. Funny now, terrifying then!

2. I am a Night Owl and I am most productive at night.

3. I always wanted to be a veterianarian, but never pursued it after a school counselor said to me, "Young ladies don't do those sorts of things," and assured me that I would never get into vet school. Times have changed, and now women can pursue any career they want to and, hopefully, succeed ONLY if they are qualified. I spent decades doing jobs that were not "traditionally women's" - pc speak for I pushed my way into jobs reserved for men.

4. I attract lost and stray animals. Over the last decade, our farm has often been a temporary sanctuary for lost animals (and we have adopted or have found homes for many of them.) We have had numerous dogs, dozens of cats, an Australian parakeet, several goats, a few sheep, a handful of cattle, and horses, lots of horses, stay or live here.

Here's my rant part - if you lose an animal and someone finds it, brings it to safety, cares for it, feeds and waters it and tracks you down - have the good manners to: say thank you, be nice, and depending on the animal - offer to pay compensation for board of the animal and for any damage done by the animal. For goodness sake, be gracious.

5. I am a bibliophile.

I tag Yankeemom, My Weekly Thoughts, Gunz Up (maybe everyone will play on this great team!!), Fight the Good Fight - but if you don't want to play, I like being able to give some of my favorite reads a link!!! If anyone does what to play that I haven't tagged, let me know and I will link to you here!!


Gayle said...

Well, I didn't know anything about you until I came here today. :)

Thanks for running a test over at MRB. HaloScan has been very weird for the last 20 hours or so. I had to turn off comment moderation because of it, but other than that it now seems to be working okay.

I'm not a night owl like you; I'm a morning person. If I sleep after 7:00am I call that sleeping in.

Thanks for the visit and blessings! :)

Flag Gazer said...

Thanks for stopping by, Gayle.

Coach Mark said...

Just when I thought I had escaped this thing...but...what are friends for, anyway?

Here's mine. I'll be rememberin' this, pardner...(lol)

Flag Gazer said...

You're a good sport, Mark - everyone else is no longer talking to me! LOL

Joubert said...

I get strays on my farm too. I guess city folks dump their unwanted cats and dogs in the boonies. They then look for food and water on the nearest farm. I haven't had any stray farm animals yet. I think my neighbors take good care of their livestock.