Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Roy Velez ~ Texan of the Year ~ Gold Star Father Who Lost Two Sons

Roy Velez
Dallas Morning News Texan of the Year
Gold Star Father to
Army Cpl Jose Alfredo Velez
Army Spc Andrew Velez

Roy and Carmen Velez hold pictures of sons

Roy Velez

Army Cpl Jose Alfredo Velez
10/21/81 - 11/13/04
Killed in Fallujah, Iraq
Awarded two Purple Hearts
Bronze Star
Silver Star

Army Spc Andrew Velez
10/16/83 - 7/25/06
Died in Afghanistan

I learned about Roy Velez through the Wednesday Hero post (next post below). I had to know more about this man who had lost both of his sons to war, yet has found, through his faith in God, the ability to reach out to others in their grief, to provide comfort and strength.

His is a remarkable story and I urge everyone to read it here.

"I can't be angry. I feel like my hearts been pulled out. We've done what the Lord allowed us to do for our country." - Roy Velez


De'on Miller said...

I see you do have it up. I'm glad. This is an amazing story and I wanted to link people to it. Lubbock is only 100 miles from me and a place called home by many of my relatives.

My cousin and a good friend went to this funeral to pay their respects. Some bikers were there too, to keep those crazy people from Kansas at bay, who of course showed up.

And I can't believe anyone would say anything about not going to heaven over suicide. Nowhere in the Bible is that listed as the unpardonable sin.

There is sickness of the mind just as there as sickness of the body. God is the only Judge. THANK GOD!

Anyway, I'm going to link my readers to here since I can't get the thing working.

Thanks for such a great post and I'm so glad Mr. Velez received this honor.

Flag Gazer said...

I am in awe of him, too.

Anonymous said...

Was away all day and just now posted Wednesday Hero. This is more than anyone should have to accept in a life time. Your goals of family are usually your most important goals - and - to loose so much of your family so soon in their lives some how seem extremely unfair. Thanks for adding to the Wednesday tribute in such a special way Flag Gazer.

Anonymous said...

I am glad I couldn't get the links to post, so I went searching for more information. Thanks, Chrys.