Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Joining the Military

This is a MUST read!
Right Wing Guy is putting his life where his opinions are!
Stop by and wish him well in his new life in the military!!!

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The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I've been trying to leave a comment over there, but something keeps going wrong; I keep getting a server communication error. Does he have comment moderation on as well? Because I cannot tell if my comment will get published. I will reprint it here, and hope Rightwing Guy sees it:

I came here by way of Flag Gazer.

Thank you for wanting to serve!

I have never believed in that argument and believe that it is nothing but a scapegoat used by the left to keep down those who disagree with their feelings of overwhelming hate that they constantly direct towards the war effort.

As one milblogger put it, "The chickenhawk argument is designed to shutdown debate".

There are many ways to serve your country, military service being the ultimate in the show of sacrifice. But it is not the only way. With that line of reasoning, do those who serve in support roles within the military, are they somehow less courageous than those directly on the frontline of danger? If you believe it is important that fires must be fought and criminals must be confronted and arrested, are you then required to enlist in the fire dept and police dept?

I'm sure some of us who don't enlist are cowards. But so what? That's why you show your appreciation and support of those willing to risk their lives on behalf of you and your loved ones. Not everyone is suited for a combat role.

but in doing so I was restricted to the Navy or Air Force and I’m sure there are those liberals who will ask why I didn’t join one of the other branches, but those questions would only show that they have never had a fiancĂ©e or a wife and don’t understand what that entails.

Serving in any branch and serving in any capacity whether it's infantry or a mechanic, takes guts and should not be disparaged. Especially given your motivation to want to serve in a time of war.

Make no mistake, that if military intervention in North Korea, Iran, or any place else happens, we will need our Navy and Air Force.

Btw, at almost 39 years of age, I am currently looking into national guard service; possibly regular army. As you had to dicuss things with your fiancee, so too do I have to weigh in my situation and what is best for me, those I care about, and not least of all, what is the best way in which I can serve my country.

I am grateful to all those who stand in harm's way on behalf of protecting the rest of us back home. I look at the beautiful children I work with, and thank God that there are brave men and women out there willing to preserve our nation, making it possible for these children to grow up and grow happy, sheltered from the kinds of horror that is experienced by the children in the unstable regions of the earth.