Sunday, January 14, 2007

Minnesota Redbulls Extended in Iraq

Redbulls Extended in Iraq
Formation at Camp Shelby, MS on March 16, 2006
at farewell ceremony prior to deployment to Iraq.

The force adjustments for Iraq have been announced for Iraq. The 1-34 - 1st Brigade Combat Team, 34th Infantry Division, consists of about 3,000 members of a National Guard unit from Minnesota and 1,000 National Guard members from Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, North Carolina, Nebraska and other states, has been extended for "up to 125 days."

"The 1st Brigade, which consists of the Minnesota National Guard and a number of other National Guard units, were selected because of their agility and their ability to get the job done right,” Lt Col Kevin Olson said. “Our citizen-soldiers are perfectly magnificent.”

“We acknowledge that it is a sacrifice for our families and places a great deal of burden on them,” Olson said.

The Army has sent assistance units to Minnesota to aid the families with the difficulties caused by the extension.

We have friends in this unit that we support. We know that this will be difficult on them and on their families. They are in our prayers.


Mike's America said...

I remember the Red Bulls. You shared the thoughts of Chaplain (1st Lt) Raymond Leach with us in Part 4 of the Best of Bloggers 2006:

Go Bulls!

Flag Gazer said...

Yes, Mike, it is the same unit of amazing people.

For anyone who hasn't - Mike's Best of Bloggers 2006 is a must read!