Sunday, May 13, 2007

American Gold Star Mothers

On Mother's Day this year, I pay tribute to the American Gold Star Mothers.
Their web site is

This is a very exclusive group to belong to. It is earned by the greatest sacrifice.
These are women who have lost their son or daughter in service to our country.

Today, I will be thinking of some of the strongest and kindest women I know -

De'on Miller - mother of LCpl Aaron Austin, United States Marine Corps
Betty Lenzi - mother of Major Gregory Stone, United States Army

women who have lost their sons in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

I will never know their sacrifice, but I will ever honor them and the sacrifices
they have made on behalf of our country.

The best way I know to honor them is to remember their sons,
to remember the sacrifices made for each of us.

1 comment:

De'on Miller said...

Thank you so much Flag Gazer for such a beautiful gift. You are such an awesome person and I thank God for people like you.

God bless you, keep you and provide the strength you need for all you care for and about.