Monday, May 28, 2007

Freedom Isn't Cheap

"Freedom Isn't Cheap"
© Poem by Joyce Lindsey

This is for those of you, who feel the need to express
Your opinions against war, and how you must protest

I wonder if you think, of the soldiers who must fight
Or the family that's alone, and cry to sleep at night

The sacrifice they make, to ensure that you may speak
And to voice your concerns, for freedom isn't cheap

It's paid by all soldiers, and the family they love too
In lost treasured moments, and phone calls that are few

In months of separation, and sometimes, even years
In constant loneliness, and forever haunting fears

The sacrifices are many, and never for the weak
They must always be brave, because freedom isn't cheap

So next time you are urged, to voice your given right
Remember who protects it; remember the soldier's plight

For they do this out of honor, and your words come at a cost
To the ones left behind, who must deal with the loss

So choose your words carefully, remember the cost is steep
For the families of our soldiers, freedom isn't cheap

Joyce Lindsey is the wife of SSG Brad Lindsey who lost his life in Afghanistan on September 9, 2006.

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