Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Oregon National Guard Returning from Afghanistan

Welcome Home!
Mobilization Ceremony

Nearly 100 soldiers of the Oregon Army National Guard began returning to Oregon on Monday after a yearlong tour in Afghanistan. They are among the first to return from their tour of duty of about 950 soldiers who deployed.

The soldiers, members of the 41st Infantry Brigade Combat Team headquartered in Tigard, began to mobilize for training last year in February and deployed in June.

While deployed, the 41st IBCT led Joint Task Force Phoenix in the critical mission to train the Afghan National Army. Because of their skill and expertise, the unit picked up the additional responsibility of training the Afghan National Police.

This was the largest wartime deployment of Oregon National Guardsmen since World War II.

They were joined by units from several other states who are also in the process of returning home.

The farewell issue of their newsletter is here:
You can see pictures of the many tasks they undertook.

Please remember those who lost their lives on this mission with Task Force Phoenix 5:
SGM Bernard Deghand
SFC Michael Fuga
SGT Buddy Hughie
SSG Brad Lindsay
2LT Scott Lundell
SGM Jeffrey McLochlin
SGT Long Nguyen

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