Monday, May 14, 2007

Jamestown 400th Anniversary

May 14, 1607, three ships and 108 settlers landed at Jamestown, Virginia. They were there to make a settlement and to send the treasures of the new world back to England. Though faced with continued hardships and failures at wine making and silk production, they found their fortunes in tobacco, glass and lumber.

Recent excavations have found the original fort. Though it appears to sit on the edge of the James River, erosion over the past 400 years have moved the river inland to the fort.

The foundations of democracy in America are found at Jamestown, as are the foundations of independence and the entreprenurial spirit which drives us today.

To read more about Jamestown history and the archeological evidence:

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We were fortunate to visit Jamestown last fall. Much was under constuction and restoration for the 400th Anniversay celebrations. We were able to visit the new archological museum which is built over the foundations of the early state house. It is a fascinating place to visit. Down the road is the 'living history' version, complete with reenactments of life at Jamestown.

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