Friday, May 25, 2007

To Rosie, From Ben Stein

I have resisted talking about Rosie or any of the other faux humans in the "entertainment" industry, because being an actor, singer, etc, does not mean you have an education or any capacity to evaluate and process information. For the most part, I ignore them. If they annoy me enough, I no longer buy their products.

However, Wednesday on the Dennis Miller Show, Ben Stein said something that sums up my feelings.

Dennis asked 'what do you like?'

"I like just being alive and waking up.
Can I tell you what I like?
What I like - I like the fact that I'm a fat, 62 year-old, old guy, living it up in Hollywood, New York, Washington, and some incredibly brave guy from some small town in Arkansas is willing to go and offer up his life to keep people like you and me safe and to go and fight and leave his children without a father and leave his mother and father without a son and they're willing to do that for $1500. a month and they get very, very short-shrift when some idiot like Rosie O'Donnell calls them criminals and thugs and those are the people that keep us alive in our big playpen."

Thank you, Ben Stein, that about sums it up for me, too.

Dennis Miller Radio is available on the internet. You can play the shows whenever you want. He has some remarkable guests and has quite a bit of humor thrown in.



I wish with everything in my that the media would trumpet the fact that our guys are there for us.

I wish they saw the greatness of being an American. And I wish they would trumpet the good things about our Nation and our troops.

But I guess with as much hate in their hearts they are unable to see good.

Flag Gazer said...

We live in the times of the spoiled and the uneducated - history has been PC'ed to death and is not taught much any more.

On top of that, it is the times of the ungrateful - when people have lost their values and don't realize that they didn't do it all themselves.

I wish they saw it, too... and, I feel sorry for them, as they are missing so much.

Thank you, Dakota Ranger, for all you've done to make my world a better place.