Sunday, December 24, 2006

Special Gifts for Christmas

Christmas Gifts from my blogger friends:

Maryannaville has a list of priceless gifts that are free.

Gawfer has a story of Christmas I have never read before, but it will stay in my heart forever.

A Rose By Any Other Name has another beautiful story of kindness, giving and faith.

Bear Creek Ledger has a beautiful story about a visit to a Veteran's Cemetery.

Fight the Good Fight has some great Christmas photos up.

A Soldiers Perspective has a wonderful recorded Christmas message.

Mike's America has a beautiful picture of the Capitol Christmas tree.

Yankeemom has posted a great poem.

My Weekly Thoughts sends us to a VERY FUNNY link

Gunz Up sends us to a link for a magnificent interactive Christmas card.

Thank you all for sharing the joys and charms of Christmas!
And, thank you for the friendship that comes through blogging.


yankeemom said...

Merry Christmas, FG!! All my best to you and your family ~

Marie's Two Cents said...

Thank's for stopping by and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too! :-)

Anna said...

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours Flag Gazer!

Thank you for the link!

MrsBlackSix said...

Merry Christmas!

Flag Gazer said...

Merry Christmas to all of you!
Thank you for visiting!

De'on Miller said...

I'll have to go dig into some of your Christmas goodies! I don't mind being a little late. As you can see, late is kind of what I'm all about anymore!

Flag Gazer said...

Late - that's me, too!!! But, I try to keep Christmas in my heart all year!!

steve ramos said...

What you do on this site is equivalent to the homefront work during World War II. I'm grateful for Americans like you. Thank you.

CJ said...

Merry Christmas! Thanks for your friendship and support. May the new year bring you much deserved success and prosperity (what a cliche!). Just have a good new year, okay?

Flag Gazer said...

Steve - Thank you - I'm not sure I'm that important - those people were heroic! But, I was raised by a homefront girl who taught me well.

Flag Gazer said...

Thank you, my friend - you, too!!!